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August, 2013
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For those of you who would like to go directly to the parts of the site that will help you with moderation or mediation, click on one of the two buttons below. For those of you who are new to the topics of moderation and mediation, you may wish to gain some background on these two topics by staying in this part of the web-site. I will briefly describe some aspects of the background on these topics, and then move on to give you an example of each method. Here is a general map of this web-site to help you move around:


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This web-site was created to help visitors with questions about moderation and mediation. In my teaching and research, I have found that:

1) moderation and mediation are increasingly used in state-of-the-art statistical analyses of data; and

2) statistics textbooks do not do a good job of explaining these two techniques. This leads to:

3) many students and even seasoned researchers to be very confused about when and how to use these approaches.

My goal in this web-site is to briefly describe the basics of each technique, and then provide you access to two on-line programmes that I think will be of significant assistance in the day-to-day utilization of moderation and mediation.