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Click on the excel logo below to begin downloading the Excel version of MedGraph.

Download Excel File for version 2010 Click here to Download MedGraphV3.xlsm (Excel 2010)
Download Excel File for previous version Click here to Download MedGraphV3.xls (Excel 1997-2003)

Note: If your macro security setting in Excel is set to 'high' this file will not run. To allow it to run, pull down "Tools", click on "Macro" and then "Security". Change the setting to "Medium". When you next try to open the file (or any file with a macro attached), you will get a dialog box asking if you wish to allow macros to run. You will need to click 'yes' to use the file. Although we are certain that this programme contains no viruses, you should, of course, scan this downloaded programme for viruses before using.